Board of Directors


Cyndee A. Dornblaser, CPSM

President/Producing Artistic Director


Michael Pruitt

Vice President


Sara Chase

Art Stoutenberg

Jason Chase

JL Rey, Interim Artistic Director

Virginia Placeres

Sheila Hensley, Board Emeritus

Marilyn Wadley, 1932-2019

Board Member Applications & Positions

SLT is actively seeking new board members for its Board of Directors. Our idea candidate is someone who can passionately embrace our mission and dedicate a few hours each month to helping guide our programs toward reaching our financial objectives. Requirements include one board meeting per month; sitting on a committee; attending productions and helping the theatre raise local funding.

Committee's include:

  • Artistic

  • Education

  • Financial

  • Governance


Additionally, we are looking for in-kind services for the following:


  • Legal Counsel

  • CPA

  • Media

  • Marketing & PR

  • Fundraising

  • Printing


If you or your business are interested in supporting the mission of SLT please contact us today at